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Incident: Bugged lawyers’ conversations available to police thanks to ‘IT error’ | The Age

Australian Privacy Breach November 2020. Bugged lawyers’ conversations available to Victorian police thanks to ‘IT error’. The massive breach of the rights to confidentiality and legal professional privilege has potentially contaminated an unknown number of criminal cases and convictions.

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Incident: WA Officer David Snowball illegally accessed police computer to protect partner’s massage business | ABC News (Australia)

August 09 2019: A senior WA police officer of 22 years’ standing who unlawfully accessed a restricted computer system in an attempt to protect his partner’s illegitimate massage business has walked free from court after being sentenced.

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Computer password laws being ‘sneaked’ through SA Parliament, Greens say | ABC News (Australia)

The laws were sold as a further measure against child exploitation material, but the Greens worry they are being expanded to cover offences such as fraud. Source: Computer password laws being ‘sneaked’ through SA...

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Queensland police get new spy powers to hack smart-devices, demand encryption keys to tackle terrorism | Brisbane Times

Queensland police have been granted new powers that let them exploit phones and smart-devices for surveillance purposes with the intention of combating terrorism, after a new piece of legislation passed with bipartisan support...

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