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NZ Incident – Ransomware attack: Waikato DHB supporting patients after documents dumped online | stuff

New Zealand Ransomware Attack June 2021: Waikato District Health Board supporting patients after documents dumped online, compromised documents include, patient and employee, and the DHB’s financial affairs.

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NZ Incident: New Zealand Reserve Bank urgently responding to ‘illegal data breach’ | SMH

New Zealand Data Breach, January 2021: New Zealand Reserve Bank urgently responding to ‘illegal data breach’. The bank issued a statement saying a “third party file sharing service” used by the bank to share and store some sensitive information, had been illegally accessed.

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NZ Incident: NZ financial strategies provider hit by Windows NetWalker ransomware | iTWire

New Zealand Ransomware Attack December 2020. NZ financial strategies provider Staircase hit by Windows NetWalker ransomware. The attackers have listed a number of data files on their site on the dark web

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Incident: Spotless hit by ransomware attack | iTnews

Australian Ransomware Attack October 2020: Spotless Group, the Downer-owned facilities services provider, is the latest high-profile Australian company to fall victim to ransomware attackers. Confirms a ‘number’ of servers ‘accessed’.

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NZ Incident: RC plane and drone users’ details leaked by CAA New Zealand | xjet

New Zealand Privacy Breach September 2020: RC plane and drone users’ details leaked by CAA New Zealand. CAA New Zealand violation of privacy involving people from around the world who filed complaints with them.

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NZ Incident: ‘Coding error’ compromises passports, driver licences in Ministry of Culture and Heritage data breach |

Privacy Breach 25 August 2019: New Zealand Ministry for Culture and Heritage revealed on Sunday more than 300 people had had their personal documents compromised following a “coding error” on a ministry-commissioned website.

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