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Incident: Domain hit by cyber attack, warns users to be careful with rental inquiries | SMH

Australian Real Estate Cyber Incident May 2021: Domain hit by cyber attack, warns users to be careful with rental inquiries. There is a risk that some of your personal information may have been accessed by an unauthorised third party.

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Incident: New Zealand Reserve Bank urgently responding to ‘illegal data breach’ | SMH

New Zealand Data Breach, January 2021: New Zealand Reserve Bank urgently responding to ‘illegal data breach’. The bank issued a statement saying a “third party file sharing service” used by the bank to share and store some sensitive information, had been illegally accessed.

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Incident: Why you shouldn’t post a picture of a boarding pass on social media | SMH

Australian Social Media Privacy Breach September 2020: Why you shouldn’t post a picture of a boarding pass on social media. Security experts are repeating warnings to keep pictures of documents with personal information and barcode.

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Incident: Credit card and other details of Perth rental applicants may have been public for 21 months | SMH

Australian Realestate Privacy Breach November 2019: Information such as credit card details and birth certificates uploaded during tenancy applications may have been published on the website of a Perth property management business Primus Realty for up to 21 months, a warning to clients has revealed.

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Incident: Doctor, patient details allegedly stolen in CSL Behring Australia espionage scandal | SMH

Australian Former Employee Data Breach 18 October 2019: CSL Behring has filed a lawsuit against a former employee, claiming he stole sensitive information with the intention of passing it on to his new company Pharming.

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Incident: ‘Detailed and graphic’: Clinic faxes patients’ highly sensitive medical histories to wrong number | SMH

September 18 2019 Australian Medical Privacy Breach: A Melbourne medical clinic has been inadvertently faxing highly sensitive patient details including mental health and family medical histories to a Greenvale man for at least two years.

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Incident: Almost 100,000 Australians’ private details exposed in attack on Westpac’s PayID | SMH

Australian Data Breach June 2019: The private details of almost 100,000 Australian bank customers have been exposed in a cyber attack on the real-time payments platform PayID, which allows the instant transfer of money between banks using either a mobile number or email address.

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Incident: Cyber security official downloaded animated child porn on secure network | SMH

A former senior cyber security official has been sentenced to a suspended prison term for using a secure government network to download animated child pornography.

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Incident: NSW Policeman sent intimate photos from arrested woman’s phone to other officers via Facebook | SMH

A former Sydney police officer is facing up to a year in jail after he took intimate images from an arrested woman’s phone and sent them to fellow officers on Facebook.

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