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Incident: Why you shouldn’t post a picture of a boarding pass on social media | SMH

Australian Social Media Privacy Breach September 2020: Why you shouldn’t post a picture of a boarding pass on social media. Security experts are repeating warnings to keep pictures of documents with personal information and barcode.

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Real estate documentation requirements are an identity thief’s dream come true |

Do you trust your local real estate agent? With all the personal data I need to hand over to get on a lease, the real estate agent could establish an entire double life. Story by Jessica Sier. Source: Real estate documentation...

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Incident: Identity fraud victim upset that fake ID and stolen details could be used to open Telstra account | ABC News (Australia)

A Perth man whose identity was used to set up a fraudulent mobile phone account with Telstra is questioning why more stringent identity checks were not done. Beau Gellard became aware of the account this week after his mother...

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Home » Identity Theft

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