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Incident: Bugged lawyers’ conversations available to police thanks to ‘IT error’ | The Age

Australian Privacy Breach November 2020. Bugged lawyers’ conversations available to Victorian police thanks to ‘IT error’. The massive breach of the rights to confidentiality and legal professional privilege has potentially contaminated an unknown number of criminal cases and convictions.

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Incident: Orchard worker recruiter exposed sensitive personal data | iTnews

Australian Workers Data Exposed October 2020. Orchard Tech a Melbourne company recruiting horticultural workers exposed sensitive personal data. AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) instance containing thousands of sensitive personal documents left open for anyone to access for over a month.

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Incident: Nitro Software user database put up for sale on dark web | iTWire

Australian Service Provider Hacked? October 2020: Nitro Software user database put up for sale on dark web. A group that uses the name Shiny Hunters appears to have put up a database exfiltrated during a data breach of ASX-listed Nitro Software, a firm that offers a service to create, edit and sign PDFs and digital documents, on the dark web for sale.

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Incident: Melbourne council apologises for data breach | Government News (Australia)

Australian Privacy Breach October 2020: City of Port Phillip Council has apologised for accidentally sharing personal information identifying people who reported graffiti on a public government website. The data is open to the public so council is unable to say who has accessed it.

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Incident: Australian firm Tandem Corp hit by Windows NetWalker ransomware | iTWire

Australian Ransomware Attack September 2020: Australian workforce design and delivery firm Tandem Corp hit by Windows NetWalker ransomware. Allegedly stolen information includes financial data, personnel information, and also passport details.

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Incident: Cyber scare shuts down hospital IT systems in rural north-east Victoria | Brisbane Times

Australian Virus/Malware Incident October 2019: Australian Virus/Malware Incident October 2019: A number of rural Victorian health services in the state’s north-east were forced to shut down their IT systems due to a malware virus.

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Incident: ‘Detailed and graphic’: Clinic faxes patients’ highly sensitive medical histories to wrong number | SMH

September 18 2019 Australian Medical Privacy Breach: A Melbourne medical clinic has been inadvertently faxing highly sensitive patient details including mental health and family medical histories to a Greenvale man for at least two years.

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Incident: Aussie ‘hacker’ jailed for unauthorised access and insider trading | ZDNet

An Australian IT consultant has on Tuesday been sentenced to three years imprisonment after pleading guilty to a total of 11 charges for insider trading, unauthorised access to data with the intention to commit a serious offence, and the alteration of electronic devices required by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

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