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Incident: ‘Trusted inside access’: Sydney IT contractor arrested over Landmark White data breach | Brisbane Times

October 02 2019 Sydney Insider Charged: Sydney IT contractor arrested over Landmark White data breach containing property valuations, personal details and driver’s licences of a combined 275,000 individuals.

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Incident: Chinese national charged with downloading AMP customers’ personal documents | ABC News Australia

A former AMP contractor has pleaded guilty over illegally accessing personal details of customers in Sydney, including drivers’ licences and passports.

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Incident: NSW Policeman sent intimate photos from arrested woman’s phone to other officers via Facebook | SMH

A former Sydney police officer is facing up to a year in jail after he took intimate images from an arrested woman’s phone and sent them to fellow officers on Facebook.

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Incident: Hack spam sent via Australian hazard alert service | iTnews

Early Warning Network, a NSW company providing weather, fire and other alerts to councils and others, had a login compromised and used by an unknown party to make threats about customer security.

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