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17/05/2019 “Audits audits audits”
11/07/2018 “Scaling back a bit”

Hey there,

My initial purpose for this blog site was to store online and to share some of the information that I use in my Information Security activities. Since then this blog has changed, shrunk, morphed, grown more than originally planned, shrunk again, but it has been a useful process. I use the information regularly in presentations, documentation and training, feel free to do the same.

This current version of the blog is now just focused on Australian Information Security Incident News. So far I have not found a good source of information focusing on Australian InfoSec Incidences, that is not drowned out by advertisements and global news. I’m a bit obsessed with metadata (structure, give me structure…) as you might tell by the Categories and Tags on each post. I hope you find it beneficial.

The Australian InfoSec Incidents are only stories that have hit the press. I will not and do not post on insider information about incidents.

I’m also have a Cyber Quotes section, again another filler in my presentations and documentation.

You are more than welcome to comment and to contribute; all contributions will be acknowledged and linked if requested.

Please note all the usual disclaimers apply. Please support the media outlets that are referenced in the posts.

Be Safe, not too safe” –  Steve…K.

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