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Incident: Orchard worker recruiter exposed sensitive personal data | iTnews

Australian Workers Data Exposed October 2020. Orchard Tech a Melbourne company recruiting horticultural workers exposed sensitive personal data. AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) instance containing thousands of sensitive personal documents left open for anyone to access for over a month.

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Incident: Australian firm Tandem Corp hit by Windows NetWalker ransomware | iTWire

Australian Ransomware Attack September 2020: Australian workforce design and delivery firm Tandem Corp hit by Windows NetWalker ransomware. Allegedly stolen information includes financial data, personnel information, and also passport details.

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Incident: Doctor, patient details allegedly stolen in CSL Behring Australia espionage scandal | SMH

Australian Former Employee Data Breach 18 October 2019: CSL Behring has filed a lawsuit against a former employee, claiming he stole sensitive information with the intention of passing it on to his new company Pharming.

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