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Incident: New Zealand Reserve Bank urgently responding to ‘illegal data breach’ | SMH

New Zealand Data Breach, January 2021: New Zealand Reserve Bank urgently responding to ‘illegal data breach’. The bank issued a statement saying a “third party file sharing service” used by the bank to share and store some sensitive information, had been illegally accessed.

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Incident: Australian Ransomware Breach December 2020 | ABC News (Australia)

Australian Malware Breach December 2020 – NSW Health, Rio Tinto, Serco named as victims of massive global SolarWinds hack attack. NSW Health appears to have been infected with potentially dangerous Russian malware since June.

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Incident: Auto services firm Inchcape Australian hit by Windows Ransomexx ransomware | iTWire

Australian Ransomware Breach December 2020 – Automotive services provider Inchcape Australia appears to have been compromised by the Windows Ransomexx ransomware. Cyber criminals who hit the company leaking some data that they stole, on the dark web.

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NZ Incident: NZ financial strategies provider hit by Windows NetWalker ransomware | iTWire

New Zealand Ransomware Attack December 2020. NZ financial strategies provider Staircase hit by Windows NetWalker ransomware. The attackers have listed a number of data files on their site on the dark web

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