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Incident: Kununurra Department of Education worker charged with illegally accessing confidential information | The West Australian

Australian Unauthorised Access Incident June 2021: Western Australia – Kimberley – Kununurra Department of Education worker charged with illegally accessing confidential information. Charged after his office was raided by WA police last month

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Incident: WA Officer David Snowball illegally accessed police computer to protect partner’s massage business | ABC News (Australia)

August 09 2019: A senior WA police officer of 22 years’ standing who unlawfully accessed a restricted computer system in an attempt to protect his partner’s illegitimate massage business has walked free from court after being sentenced.

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Incident: Chinese national charged with downloading AMP customers’ personal documents | ABC News Australia

A former AMP contractor has pleaded guilty over illegally accessing personal details of customers in Sydney, including drivers’ licences and passports.

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Incident: Yet another Qld cop charged with hacking, One of four to face charges since December | iTnews

The 33-year-old has been charged with “Computer Hacking and Misuse” after allegedly accessing the Queensland Police Service computer systems and information inappropriately.

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Incident: Hack spam sent via Australian hazard alert service | iTnews

Early Warning Network, a NSW company providing weather, fire and other alerts to councils and others, had a login compromised and used by an unknown party to make threats about customer security.

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Commonwealth Bank accused of misleading Privacy Commissioner | ABC News (Australia)

The Commonwealth Bank has been accused of giving falsified evidence to the Privacy Commissioner over a contractor’s repeated unlawful accessing of a customer’s account. Source: Commonwealth Bank accused of misleading...

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