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Incident: Police probe real estate cyber attack on Australian real estate digital firm | Herald Sun

July 7, 2016. POLICE have launched an investigation into an unprecedented cyber attack against a booming digital real estate firm. The company attacked — Box+Dice — is suggesting it could have been launched by vested interests in the state’s multi-billion dollar housing ­industry.

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Incident: Hackers Attack The NSW Government Department Of Resources And Energy | ABC News (Australia)

February 4, 2016.. The NSW Government Department of Resources and Energy has revealed that it was the target of a cyber attack in December 2015, during the time several major projects were being considered. This includes the $1.2 billion Shenhua Watermark coal mine, indirectly controlled by the Chinese government — which experts say is a possible source of the attack.

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Incident: Australian Federal Police accidentally gave victim’s details to alleged attacker | The Guardian

Jan 19, 2016. The Australian federal police accidentally revealed the personal details of an assault victim to the alleged perpetrator, risking the safety of the complainant and his family, according to an AFP risk assessment.

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Incident: A Canberra psychology clinic accidentally reveals clients’ personal details in email | The Canberra Times

Jan 15, 2016. A Canberra psychology clinic has apologised after it accidentally shared personal details of hundreds of patients in a group email.

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Incident: Australian Hyatt hotels hacked, guest credit card details stolen | Australian Business Traveller

January 15, 2016. Hyatt Hotels is the latest hotel chain to fall victim to hackers stealing sensitive credit card information from guests around the world, including flagship properties in Australia.

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Home » Australian InfoSec Incident » Australian InfoSec Incidents 2016

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