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Incident: Service NSW worker corrupt: ICAC | AAP

Australia Data Insider Access Incident May 2021: A Service NSW worker could face criminal charges involving accessing a restricted database. ICAC said, the agency had “misplaced confidence” in the effectiveness of its controls.

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Incident: DFAT Stranded Aussies’ identities exposed again | The Canberra Times

Australian Government Privacy Breach Again October 2020: DFAT Stranded Aussies’ identities exposed again. The identities of Australians stranded overseas have been accidentally exposed for the third time in as many months.

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Incident: A Canberra psychology clinic accidentally reveals clients’ personal details in email | The Canberra Times

Jan 15, 2016. A Canberra psychology clinic has apologised after it accidentally shared personal details of hundreds of patients in a group email.

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Home » In the Press » The Canberra Times

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