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AU Info and Cyber Security News Last Week 2023-03-13

Well a bit of a change to a weekly format, monthly was too far out of date to be useful. The main news was the Federal Government with all things cyber and privacy policy, it will be interesting to see the scope of any changes. A few minor breaches and outages, ANZ forgot to shred customer information before they put it in the bin (score one for information security).

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Australian Cyber News Summary #07 – July 2022

Australian Cyber News Summary July 2022: GrainCorp’s ransomware attack, Victoria privacy commissioner third-party controls weakness, Melbourne Port Phillip Prison hacked, Woolworths everyday rewards users bad password habits, Aus trading company ACY 60gb data breach, Deakin Uni privacy breach 47k student details, WA local governments audit concerns.

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Home » Awareness » Monthly Australian News

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