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AU Info and Cyber Security News Last Week 2023-06-12

AU Info and Cyber Security News Last Week 2023-06-12

Au Info and Cyber Security General Last Week

Australian Info and Cyber Security Last Week 12th June 2023
The ACT Government has been caught up in the Barracuda email gateway vulnerability. Investigations are continuing, I suspect there will be more organisations caught in this one.

An update to the HWL Ebsworth with the Tasmanian Government caught up as one of their clients. The firm a many high-profile and government clients. More to play out here as well.

A slower week for other news but a great ABC video on the Australian intelligence agencies is worth a watch.


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Incident: Australian law firm HWL Ebsworth hit by Russian-linked Blackcat ransomware attack | The Guardian

By Steven Kirby on Jun 11, 2023 Australian Law Firm Ransomware Attack, 02 May 2023: Australian law firm HWL Ebsworth hit by Russian-linked Blackcat ransomware attack. Hacking 4TB of …

Incident: ACT government hit by cyber security breach | AAP

By Steven Kirby on Jun 11, 2023 Australian Cyber Incident, 08 June 2023 The Australian Cyber Security Centre is investigating a breach of the ACT government’s systems Security breach …

How Intelligence agencies catch criminals | ABC News

By ABC News In-depth on Jun 11, 2023 Australian spies are on the offensive against cyber criminal networks and foreign actors seeking to disrupt democracies. But our intelligence agencies have a…

Cyber ‘war games’ preparing businesses for breaches

By Joseph Brookes Senior Reporter on Jun 10, 2023 With cyber attackers now more advanced and better than ever at extracting ransoms from victims, organisations are being urged to war game their …

Cyber security is a fact of modern life and it needs to be treated that way

By Phil Rodrigues on Jun 10, 2023 The government’s national priorities are reflective of the challenges posed by cyber-enabled threats, and reinforce the view that in 2023 cyber …

How Australian cyber spies used ‘Rickrolling’ to disrupt Islamic State militants in Iraq

By Andrew Probyn on Jun 10, 2023 Rick Astley never knew he had it in him. But the 1980s British pop star unwittingly played a role in a critical desert battle against a terror outfit …

3 things you should know about the Australian Cyber Security Centre

By David Hollingworth on Jun 09, 2023 With the steady rise of cyber threats and attacks, governments around the globe are taking proactive measures to safeguard their nations’ digital …

Jones puts Coalition’s Consumer Data Right scheme on hold

By Julian Bajkowski on Jun 09, 2023 The government has quietly applied the handbrake to the expansion of Coalition’s signature competition architecture project, the CDR scheme.

Law Council says privacy should be considered in cyber security review

By Richard Chirgwin on Jun 08, 2023 The Law Council of Australia has asked the government to deal with invasive personal data collection practices as part of a potential Cyber Security …

Commonwealth Bank cops $3.5 million fine for 65 million spam emails

By Jeremy Nadel on Jun 07, 2023 The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) has paid a $3.55 million fine for sending more than 65 million marketing emails that were difficult or …

AU Info and Cyber Security News Last Week 2023-06-05

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Incident: Toyota does U-turn, confirms thousands of Australian customers hit by latest data breach |

By Steven Kirby on Jun 07, 2023 Australian Automotive Incident, 01 June 2023 Toyota does U-turn, confirms thousands of Australian customers hit by latest data breach Access key was …

Bogus Websites Continuing to Harvest Data From NDIS Clients – Australian Cyber Security Magazine

By ACSM_Editor on Jun 06, 2023 Written by staff writer. A fake website registered in the United States impersonating a bona fide Sydney-based organisation is the latest attempt by …

Optus customer growth stunted by cyberattack

By Millie Muroi on Jun 06, 2023 Optus is still feeling the ill-effects of the cyberattack it suffered late last year, with the telco’s customer growth taking a hit in the six months …

Domain Group hires Shane Watt as its CISO

By Jeremy Nadel on Jun 06, 2023 01:04 pm Real estate marketplace operator Domain Group has appointed a new CISO, tapping Boral’s security chief Shane Watt for the role. A spokesperson for …

ASX hasn’t given up on blockchain

By Ry Crozier on Jun 06, 2023 The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) has not abandoned distributed ledger technology (DLT) as the foundation for its core replacement project, …

iTWire – Australian enterprises taking on the Essential Eight: survey

By Stephen Withers on Jun 05, 2023 Ninety percent of Australian organisations plan to align their security programs to the Essential Eight, according to a survey conducted at last …


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