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Incident: ACT government hit by cyber security breach | AAP

Incident: ACT government hit by cyber security breach | AAP

Australian Cyber Incident, 08 June 2023

The Australian Cyber Security Centre is investigating a breach of the ACT government’s systems

Security breach was detected in the Barracuda email gateway system

Source: ACT government hit by cyber security breach | AAP

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AUSCERT: Barracuda Email Security Gateway Appliance (ESG): CVSS (Max): 9.8

Federal authorities have been brought in to investigate a cyber security breach of ACT government IT systems.

The security breach was detected in an email gateway system called Barracuda, which supports some IT systems for the territory government.

ACT Special Minister of State Chris Steel said investigations were under way to determine what data may have been accessed during the breach.

“The investigation has now identified that a breach has occurred and a harms assessment is under way to fully understand the impact specific to our systems,” he said in a statement on Thursday.

“We are confident that actions taken to date have contained the breach and that there is no ongoing threat.”

The Australian Cyber Security Centre has been brought by the ACT Cyber Security Centre to investigate the incident, along with Barracuda Networks.

Mr Steel said following the notification, the ACT Cyber Security Centre detected that the breach had taken place, leading to a rebuild of the affected system.


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