Australian Information Security Incident Reported: May 20 2020

Australian Ransomware Attack May 2020: Sydney sports store IN SPORTS hit by Windows REvil ransomware

Sydney sports speciality store chain IN SPORTShas been hit by the REvil ransomware that attacks Windows systems and a limited set of data from the company has been published on the dark web by the attackers.

Source: Sydney sports store Instore hit by Windows REvil ransomware | iTWire
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Insport has 17 stores in Sydney and is one of the larger companies in its sector.

The fact that data from Instore has been put online indicates that the company has not responded to the initial ransom demand from the attackers.

When REvil is used to attack a Windows system, the malware first exfiltrates the data to a site controlled by the attackers. After that, the data is encrypted and a ransom note generated.