Australian Information Security Incident Reported: May 13 2020

Australian Phishing Attack May 2020: Hackers target The West Australian, WA’s major daily newspaper, putting data of subscribers at risk.

Hackers impersonated the administrator of the mailbox, sent out phishing emails to several people and accessed historic conversations.

Source: Hackers target West Australia’s major daily newspaper, putting data of subscribers at risk | WAtoday
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The mailbox is used for communications between the masthead, its subscribers, small business distribution partners who deliver the newspapers and people participating in competitions.

It contains the names, phone numbers and email and home address of anyone who contacted The West Australian via the email address.

According to the Kerry Stokes-controlled newspaper “We can confirm that when West Australian Newspapers became aware of the intrusion, we promptly took steps to secure the mailbox to reduce any further risk of access being gained to your personal information, and have implemented additional security measures to reduce the risk of this kind of intrusion occurring again”

The breach has been reported to the Australian Privacy Commissioner.