Australian Transport Data Breach, 25 February 2021

Transport for NSW data stolen in Accellion breach

Some information had been exfiltrated from its systems before the attack was noticed and halted

Company Statement: Transport for NSW impacted by the worldwide Accellion data breach – Published 23 Feb 2021
Company Statement: Cyber Security NSW is monitoring developments in the Accellion FTA data breach

Source: Transport for NSW data stolen in Accellion breach | iTnews
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“Cyber Security NSW is managing the NSW Government investigation with the help of forensic specialists,” in a statement said. “We are working closely with Cyber Security NSW to understand the impact of the breach, including to customer data.”

The statement said the breach was limited to servers running the Accellion software. All other systems, including those that stored driver licence data or Opal data were not affected.

Commenting on the Accellion incidents, Richard Marr, general manager APAC at authentication platform vendor Auth0, said: “Since the emergence of the Accellion data breach in December, we have seen a number of Australian organisations subjected to attacks.