Australian Information Security Incident Reported: January 15 2020

Australian Banking Breach January 2020: Police & Nurses Bank WA discloses data breach, customer account information, balances exposed

The Australian bank says a cyberattack took place during a server upgrade.

Source: P&N Bank discloses data breach, customer account information, balances exposed | ZDNet
Company Breach Statement: Statement from the CEO – information breach
More reports from: ZDNet.

P&N Bank is informing customers of a data breach in which personally identifiable information (PII) and sensitive account information was exposed.

P&N Bank, a division of Police & Nurses Limited and operating in Western Australia, sent the notice which warned of an “information breach” occurring through its customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

On or around December 12, the bank was performing a server upgrade and it is at this point the cyberattack took place. It is believed that a company P&N Bank hired to provide hosting was the entry point.

Passwords, Social Security numbers, Tax file numbers, driver’s license or passport details, credit card numbers, and dates of birth have not been included in the breach, nor has any other “sensitive” information such as medical data.

It is not yet known how many customers have been affected.