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Incident: Authorities scramble after laptop theft | The Recorder

Incident: Authorities scramble after laptop theft | The Recorder

Australian Information Security Incident Reported: July 27 2017

A computer laptop containing confidential health information has gone missing.

Port Pirie hospital is contacting 234 families after a laptop computer was stolen from the premises.

The laptop, used as part of the State-wide Infant Screening Hearing Program, had a security password login and cannot be used as a personal device.

But Regional Director Yorke and Northern Roger Kirchner said because hearing test data was stored on the laptop, the health service was advising families of the incident.

“The information stored on the laptop includes a child’s name, date of birth, gender and screening result, but does not include any address or contact details,” he said.

Source: Authorities scramble after laptop theft | The Recorder

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