Australian InfoSec Incident Report 2014 Summary

Australian Information Security Incident Reported: 2014

Australian InfoSec Incident Report 2014 Summary

“Obviously there were more than two reports in 2014, I was still learning about balance. I might go back and add a few if there is space between contacts.” – SteveK

Hackers order Queensland businesses to pay up to regain access to their computers.
It is a dilemma facing XLNT Chauffeurs owner Claude Chase, whose computer files were encrypted when he opened a fake email supposedly from the Office of State Revenue in New South Wales.
December 30, 2014. Courier Mail

Catch of the Day reveals three-year old data breach
Daily deals website Catch of the Day last night revealed it had suffered a serious data breach in 2011 that led to customer passwords and a number of credit card details being stolen.
Jul 19, 2014. Allie Coyne, itNews

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