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Australian InfoSec Incidents

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I use this resource to demonstrate to managers and executives having trouble understanding or who forget that security incidents really do happen in Australia. The prevalence of incidents can get lost in the noise of business, and news headlines have more of an impact than some technical report.

These are Australian information security incidents only, that occur in Australia. These incidents don’t include the mass malware/ransomware/virus type attacks that affect individuals, only items that impact businesses, companies or government organisations. This year the incidents have be broadened to include data leakage, compliance failures and privacy issues.

UPDATE: I’m now tracking New Zealand Incidents as well. I now have family over there on a lake at Rotorua, so I go and SUP over there, I might as well do a bit of work there if I can get it. For now they will not be a separate list just tagged as New Zealand.

Australia must implement mandatory incident reporting, hiding and denying a problem has never solved it. Lobby groups like the Bankers Association may think they are defending their members but longer term they are doing them more harm than good.

Contributions welcome, if you would like to be credited for a submission make it clear in the PM, Comment, etc., and include a URL you want the credit hyperlinked.

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