Incident: Law In Order hit by ransomware attack | iTnews

Incident: Law In Order hit by ransomware attack | iTnews

Australian Ransomware Attack, November 24 2020

Law In Order hit by Netwalker ransomware attack

Service provider to the legal sector may have lost some data to attackers.

Company Statement: Law In Order – Cyber Security Incident (Update)
Source: Law In Order hit by ransomware attack | iTnews
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Law In Order, an Australian supplier of document and digital services to law firms, suffered a ransomware infection over the weekend that is believed to be the Netwalker malware.

After detecting the attack, Law In Order said it halted many of its business operations and called in cyber security advisers to assist in the investigation and incident response.

“Our priority is to restore systems back online safely and quickly,” the company said in a statement.

The company had earlier said that it had “seen no evidence of data exfiltration”, however it may have been forced to clarify this after online accounts linked to Netwalker posted proof of the ransomware infection, and threatened to publish data online if a ransom was not paid.

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