Australian Information Security Incident Reported: February 03 2020

Australian Privacy Breach February 2020: Yarra Trams data breach: Commuters’ email addresses exposed

The personal email addresses of nearly 100 people have been exposed

Source: Yarra Trams data breach: Commuters’ email addresses exposed | Brisbane Times
More reports from: Brisbane Times.

In an email from a Yarra Trams officer to 91 commuters rejecting their compensation requests on Friday, the private email addresses of each of the commuters was exposed.

The email was sent about 3pm and was followed up by another message 15 minutes later, in which the company attempted to recall the email but instead sent another note exposing the list of private addresses.

A Yarra Trams spokesman confirmed an employee had exposed the email addresses of those who had their compensation claims rejected.

“Yarra Trams would like to apologise to everyone who received the email regarding unsuccessful compensation claims,” the spokesman said. “We will be putting in place more thorough checks and balances to ensure this does not happen again.”