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Incident: Australian Auto Trade Show Sparks International Incident | Auto Expert John Cadogan

Incident: Australian Auto Trade Show Sparks International Incident | Auto Expert John Cadogan

Australian Information Security Incident

Reported: April 24 2019

This is the funnies and most unusual incident report you are likely to see. The follow video is a good example how your PR people should follow up on press coverage after your breach goes public.

John Reported (extract)

At the recent Miracle Cure for Insomnia Trade Show, which I think was also called the Auto Aftermarket Expo, sparks flew, between two battery charging Retardistani companies you’ve probably never heard of. There was a highly charged exchange.

The cops were called. There was even an arrest. Sadly, without resistance. That would have been perfect, in the domain of journalism. The alleged victim here – NOCO – that’s ‘N-O-C-O’ – is a 105-year-old Cleveland, Ohio-based maker of battery jump starters (among other things). Allegedly, NOCO had a critical notebook knocked off by an employee of a competitor you’ve probably never heard of, called CTEK. It’s like Alien Versus Predator … only with battery chargers.

At a trade show. “[The employee] stole a notebook from NOCO’s booth that contained NOCO’s sales strategy, contacts and valuable trade secrets. The CTEK employee, whose name has not yet been released, was arrested by Australian authorities.” – Cision PR Newswire

John Cadogan (AutoExpert) runs a YouTube channel focusing on the Australian automotive market. 

His “unique” style may not be for all, he is refreshingly unappoligic in his approach.

You can learn a lot from his channel, send him the love, like the video and subscribe.

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