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Incident: Auto services firm Inchcape Australian hit by Windows Ransomexx ransomware | iTWire

Incident: Auto services firm Inchcape Australian hit by Windows Ransomexx ransomware | iTWire

Australian Ransomware Breach, December 14 2020

Automotive services provider Inchcape Australia appears to have been compromised by the Windows Ransomexx ransomware

Cyber criminals who hit the company leaking some data that they stole, on the dark web.

Source: Auto services firm Inchcape hit by Windows Ransomexx ransomware | iTWire
More reports from: iTWire.

The leaked documents are in four lots and relate to administration, customer fulfilment and client information.

The Inchcape spokesperson said: “Inchcape Australia and its component companies (AutoNexus, Peugeot Citroen, Subaru and Trivett Retail) recently experienced an IT system outage, the cause of which continues to be investigated.

“This impacted a variety of IT systems, necessitating the use of alternative channels for a period, to communicate with customers and suppliers.

“While the majority of systems are now restored, work continues to fully restore some functions.

“Investigations continue to identify the cause of the outage and if any data is identified as being compromised, Inchcape will notify the relevant parties and work with them to ensure the integrity of their material.

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