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Incident: Melbourne council apologises for data breach | Government News (Australia)

Incident: Melbourne council apologises for data breach | Government News (Australia)

Australian Data Breach: October 28 2020

City of Port Phillip Council has apologised for accidentally sharing personal information identifying people who reported graffiti on a public government website.

The data is open to the public so council is unable to say who has accessed it.

Company Statement: CPPC Privacy and data breach notification Published 28 October 2020
Source: Council apologises for data breach | Government News (Australia).
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City of Port Phillip Council says the breach related to its graffiti management dataset, and information was shared including the names, phone numbers and email address of people who reported graffiti.

In some instances, the address used to identify the location of the graffiti could link the person reporting the graffiti to that address, it said.

Council says the breach started in March but it only became aware of it on October 5.

The breach occurred during work to automate the graffiti dataset, when the wrong version was selected for publication.

Council says in a statement that the data has been taken down from the website and it is trying to contact those affected.

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