Australian Information Security Incident Reported: October 07 2019

Australian Cyber Breach 2019: Brisbane based loss assessor Australian Accident Management Commercial (AAMC) hit by cyber breach

Motor loss assessing firm AAMC has alerted insurers after an unauthorised cyber breach affected part of its systems.

Source: Loss assessor AAMC hit by cyber breach |

The breach in early June was caused by “a known cyber security researcher” that seeks out company vulnerabilities and which then offers to help improve data security.

AAMC says the breach affected a database service used by the firm which contains a sub-set of information for searching for files, and which contained minimal personally identifiable information.

A full investigation was carried out to ensure the firm met obligations to clients as well as data breach requirements overseen by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC).

“Our investigation conclusively determined that no entity other than the security researchers gained access to the database service and that no entity had exploited the vulnerability or gained access to any other aspect of our system or network,” he said.