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Incident: Confidential details of entire WA Police Force accessed in ‘startling’ audit breach, CCC finds | ABC News (Australia)

Australian Privacy Breach April 2020: Confidential details of entire Western Australian Police Force accessed in ‘startling’ audit breach, CCC finds. An investigation has revealed a CCC staff member accessed and downloaded highly confidential information about all of the state’s 8,800 police officers.

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Incident: WA Officer David Snowball illegally accessed police computer to protect partner’s massage business | ABC News (Australia)

August 09 2019: A senior WA police officer of 22 years’ standing who unlawfully accessed a restricted computer system in an attempt to protect his partner’s illegitimate massage business has walked free from court after being sentenced.

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Incident: Officer used police computer network to stalk dozens of potential Tinder dates | ABC News Australia

A former long-serving police officer has been jailed for six months for illegally accessing the personal details of almost 100 women to determine if they were “suitable” dates.

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Home » Western Australia Police

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