Politics and Advocacy

Here are a few thoughts relating to information security and privacy in relation to the Australian political landscape.

Australian Standards (Specifically 27000 Series)

  • The Australian Standards are treated as a profit centre which is counter productive to the clear goal and purpose of having standards.
  • The Australian Standards should retain the paper/electronic(pdf) publication but also move into more interactive products based on the standards.
  • Australian Standards should reduce the standards development timeframes and overheads by adopting international standards, commercial standards, other government standards where appropriate. Too much emphasis is placed on “Australianising” standards for no real net gain.
  • Partnerships, sponsorships, licensing, and low level advertising should be considered to provide revenue streams to offset the costs.

Digital Privacy

  • All people under the age of 18 must have strict digital privacy. No data mining or on selling of their information.

Cyber Bulling

  • All people under the age of 18 must increase protection from cyberbullying.
  • On going national information campaign to inform children and parents as to their rights and protections on cyberbullying.

Mandatory Privacy and Information Reporting

  • Any technology breach that MAY have expose a person personal information to other unauthorised parties must be reported to the government and the potentially affected individuals.

Comprehensive Whistle Blower Protection

  • Federal overriding legislation for the protection of the media and government (Local, State and Federal) employees and contractors in relation to corruption, misuse of resources, information/security vulnerabilities, and privacy related activities.

Security Industry Development

  • NICTA (National ICT Australia) is Australia’s Information Communications Technology (ICT) Research Centre of Excellence to have Information Security as a key focus of research.



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