Australian InfoSec Journal

“The first step towards change is awareness.
The second step is acceptance.”

– Nathaniel Branden

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This weekly journal (each Tuesday) is a collection of my previous weeks online reading/research/musings, broadly related to non-technical information security, only focused on the Australian and New Zealand context.

The focus of the journal is awareness raising on information security governance, risk and compliance, that includes news, commentary and information on security incidents, privacy breaches, data loss, legal and human resources news, new compliance rules and legislation, and information security industry news. There is also bit of a social conscience covering topics including; right to privacy, big data overreach, social media challenges, death and dying online, and end user education and protection.

I encourage you to share the journal around, I’ve found that with the current media sources the Australian InfoSec experience gets lost in all of the “noise” from around the world. Even though I’ve individually linked or created the content, I’ve found for myself going back and looking at the journal as a whole quickly sharpens my perspective on the risks and issues here in Australia.

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