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Incident: Australian Auto Trade Show Sparks International Incident | Auto Expert John Cadogan

This is the funnies and most unusual incident report you are likely to see. The follow video is a good example how your PR people should follow up on press coverage after your breach goes public. John Reported (extract) At the recent Miracle Cure for Insomnia Trade...

Quote: C3PO “The city’s central computer told you? R2D2, you know better than to trust a strange computer!”

“The city’s central computer told you? R2D2, you know better than to trust a strange computer!” - C3PO

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Steven Kirby

Steven Kirby

Principal Consultant

Brisbane based independent consultant specialising in GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) and IAM (Identity and Access Management).

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Published weekly, the Risky Business podcast features news and in-depth commentary from security industry luminaries. Hosted by award-winning journalist Patrick Gray, Risky Business has become a must-listen digest for information security professionals.

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Join Claire Pales, as she talks to security leaders about their experience in hiring and retaining great cyber security talent in the current industry climate.

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