Oh boy. It’s no secret that the Australian government — led by George Brandis (who has made it abundantly clear he has no clue what a VPN is or what metadata is) — is pushing strongly for mandated backdoors to encryption. At this point, it’s beating a dead horse, but this is a very, very bad idea for a whole host of reasons — mainly having to do with making absolutely everyone significantly less safe.

And it appears that Brandis’ ignorance has moved up the chain of command. Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has now put out what may be the single dumbest statement on encryption yet (and that’s a pretty high bar). After being told yet again that safe encryption backdoors violate basic mathematics, Turnbull became super patriotic about the ability of Australian law to trump mathematics:

Steve…K. I made this into a quote but I had to link this article as well. My level of cynicism.

Source: Aussie Prime Minister Says The Laws Of Math Don’t Apply In Australia When It Comes To Encryption | Techdirt